Quality Control

We provide quality inspection, shipment inspection, and assessment reporting services for overseas companies in China. Our services include verifying product quality, assessing shipping standards, issuing evaluation reports, and assisting clients in communicating with factories regarding any issues or defects found during the inspection process. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your products meet the highest standards of quality and are shipped in a timely manner.

Reduce Defective Rate
Reduce Complaint Rate
Total Cost Down
Increase Sales

Why is Quality Control Important?

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  • Can’t get the best price
  • Can’t find source supplier
  • Always late delivery
  • Headache quality problems
  • Inefficient communication
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  • Get best price from factory
  • Cooperate with source factory
  • 360° After-sale guarantee
  • Avoid mistakes and causing losses
  • Achieve more project growth together

Our Quality Control & Inspection Process


Inspection Plan

Determine the scope and purpose of the inspection, formulate the inspection plan and standards, including what inspection methods and tools to use.


Inspection Preparation

Understand the functional attributes and qualification standards of the product and prepare the necessary equipment, tools and documents to fully prepare for the inspection.


Plan Execution

Execute the inspection plan to inspect the product or service using appropriate methods and tools to ensure that it meets quality standards and requirements.


Inspection Report

Record inspection results and issues found, including nonconforming parts and suggested corrective actions. According to the recorded results, prepare reports, report quality problems and recommend corrective actions to relevant departments or personnel


Quality Correction

Correct and improve the problems found to ensure that the product or service meets the quality standards and customer requirements. Ensure products or services meet quality standards and customer requirements.

Value-Added Services

The Benefits Of Larkser Quality Control Service

Implementing quality management can bring numerous benefits to companies. By ensuring that products meet or exceed customer requirements, quality management can improve product quality and reliability, reduce defects and warranty claims, and increase customer satisfaction.
Improved Product Quality
Quality management ensures that products meet or exceed customer requirements, which can improve product quality and reliability, reduce defects and warranty claims, and increase customer satisfaction.
Increased Efficiency
By identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in processes, quality management can increase efficiency and reduce waste, resulting in cost savings and improved productivity.
Enhanced Reputation
Companies that implement effective quality management systems can enhance their reputation by demonstrating their commitment to producing high-quality products and services.
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Quality management can help companies meet customer needs and expectations, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Reduced Costs
By identifying and eliminating non-conformances and inefficiencies, quality management can reduce costs associated with scrap, rework, and warranty claims.
Compliance With Regulations
Quality management can help companies ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and standards, reducing the risk of fines and legal issues.

Our Quality Guaranteed

Commitments & benefits

During Product Inspection

If we find defective products during the product inspection in our warehouse, we will help you replace them for free.

15 Days After Receiving Goods

If you find product defects 15 days after you receive the goods and provide evidence of them, we will send a replacement or compensate you.

Let’s Work Together

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