Order Management

We help overseas clients manage their purchasing orders in China. We understand the challenges of working with overseas suppliers and the importance of ensuring timely delivery and high-quality products. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services to help you throughout the entire procurement process.


From managing your orders and tracking production progress to checking manufacturing details and handling shipping logistics, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring that your orders are fulfilled efficiently and effectively, so you can focus on growing your business.


Partner with us and let us handle your procurement needs in China. With our expertise and passion for delivering exceptional service, you can trust us to help you succeed.


Managing your suppliers and your order fulfillment can be a global challenge today, whether you are in wholesale imports, retail consumer goods, brick-and-mortar retail or hypermarket supply.

There is often no visibility into process or supplier performance, slide data and disparate systems make it difficult to communicate and collaborate, and maintaining costs, meeting deadlines, and meeting quality, safety, and regulatory standards is nearly impossible.

Financial Impact
  • Higher production costs
  • Greater resource needs
  • Excess inventory from quality issues
  • Revenue loss
  • Increased warranty costs
  • Increased scrap and waste
Quality Impact
  • Lower product quality leading to recalls and customer complaints
  • Poor decision making from lack of accurate information
  • Production issues due to supplier change
Brand Impact
  • Increased supply chain risk
  • Regulatory or customer penalties
  • Brand erosion
Time Impact
  • Increased time-to-market and production delays
  • Delayed reaction time

We help You Manage the Complete Order Fulfillment Lifecycle

You know your performance is only as good as your suppliers’. Non-conforming material and delays can lead to product recalls, higher costs and missed revenue opportunities, compliance violations and reputational harm.

With Larkser Supplier Management service, you can stay on top of all elements of your supplier management processes, identifying issues as they arise, managing approvals and changes in real-time, and ensuring appropriate supplier performance and quality standards through consistent audits and reviews.

By digitally transforming how you engage with your suppliers at every step, you ensure that every interaction is performed as it should, nothing gets missed or dropped, and continuity of supply is maintained.

Value-Added Services

The Benefits Of Larkser Effective Order Management

Lower Cost

Having strong supplier management will enable the organization to find cost savings opportunities in the supply chain. By enabling smooth supplier connectivity and collaboration, it drives a new level of efficiency and productivity.

High Efficiency

It is not a surprise that most organizations have many suppliers and they need to deal with them simultaneously. A well-structured supplier management process will allow the organization to manage its multiple suppliers all at once.

More Transparency

A supplier management system will allow the organization to streamline information and data regarding the life cycle of the suppliers.
Additionally, it enables organizations to have transparency with the number and type of suppliers they are engaging with.

Supplier Performance Evaluation

The organization needs to know how its suppliers are performing because its performance is dependent on them. Supplier management will allow the organization to evaluate the supplier’s compliance and give insights into their performance.

Lower Risk

Efficient supplier management can help in finding and evaluating the impact of supplier risks and creating appropriate risk mitigation measures.

Larkser Key Differentiator IT ERP System

Having been e-commerce sellers ourselves, we know what kind of challenges you’re up against. Time is in short supply and every moving part seems to take your energy away from what’s important: growing your business.


We created the Larkser 360° ERP systerm with the intention of helping e-commerce professionals navigate the sourcing industry more easily, allowing you to view and manage all aspects of your business in one place.

ERP System

Your Project Details

  • One place with all the information you’re looking for!
  • See all relevant information and updates to all of your projects.
  • You’re able to easily access the status of production, payments, and any other detail.
  • From invoices to documents, message exchange to air couriers – we’ve got you covered!
  • All updates are live, and represent the latest information on hand.
  • Say goodbye to lengthy email exchanges and misplaced attachments, it’s time for modernity to kick in.

Document Downloads

  • No more attachments lost to the oceans of your overflowing inbox!
  • All invoices and documents are available on our Portal.
  • These can be viewed online or downloaded in a PDF format.
  • This can improve the speed of your business.
  • If customs urgently request specific documents for clearance, login to the Portal and get all project related documents in one place.
  • You won’t have to wait 12 hours for your Account Manager to come online in China or 2-3 days in case of a weekend.

Status Updates

  • We provide regular updates to all sourcing and production projects.
  • Our team will send notes to clients on a regular basis, informing them of any developments.
  • You Still have your regular communication channels with your Account Managers (AM)
  • The portal supplements the AM and does not replace them. You can still talk to your AM’s through Whatsapp, Skype, E-Mail or calls.

Key Dates

Never miss a key date again. All key dates are always on the Portal, including:

  • Production Completion
  • Inspections
  • Shipment Dates
  • With everything available in one place, you can plan accordingly

Email Alerts

Get Real time E-Mail alerts for important stages of the project, including:

    • When payments arrive.
    • When shipment status changes.
    • When sourcing or production statuses change.