Fee Based Method

For over 4 years, Larkser has assisted more than 1000 clients in managing their supply chain.
Our services have helped them achieve higher purchasing efficiency, stricter quality control, and better oreder safe guarding.

If you already have your own suppliers

If you already have your own suppliers and would like us to collaborate with your suppliers and manage the entire purchasing process from production to quality inspection and door-to-door logitics. Our support will significally enhance your sourcing efficiency.

Our Calculation

We usually calculate the service fee based on the total amount of your purchase order, generally 3% to 8% of the total amount. This ratio will be determined based on factors such as quantity you are purchasing, the type of product and the complexity of your order.

Supplier Investigation

Contact Negotation

OEM/ODM Communication

Order Fulfillment Process

Quality Inspection

AQL 2.5

Invoice & Documentation Paper-Works

Cargo Collection

Booking Sea Shipment & Loading

Free Warehousing

Shipment Freight Prepaid

Trouble Shooting

Free Photography

Factory Visit

Payment Term Support

 One Time Project Service Fee:

3%-8% of the product value, with a minimum fee of $150

 Monthly/Annual Supply Chain Management Service:

 Larkser offer long-term monthy/annual supply chain management services, with a monthly fee of 1000-2000 US dollars.

If you are looking for a new supplier, we can help you find the best match and provide you with competetive pricing as well as cost-effective manufacturing solutions. You are free to compare our quotes with any of your existing suppliers to see the value we can provide.

We will find the most suitable suppliers in china, and provide you with free quotations, manufacturing solutions, and even free samples. When are you satisfied with the price and samples, you can place an order through us, we will handle the mass production, quality inspection and door-to-door logistics.

Product Supplier:

Larkser’s Suppliers

Customization Requirement

Offer Full-fillment & Report

Free Photography

Quality Inspection


Booking Sea-Shipment & Loading

Cargo Consulation

Free Warehousing

2 months

Shipment Freight Prepaid

After-Sales Warranty Support

Quality Guarantee

Payment Term Support

Service Fee:

$0 cost, all price are included in the unit price of the product

1.Send Inquiry

Submit an inquiry and our customer support team will match you with a professional agent.

2. Quotation

Submit an inquiry and our customer support team will match you with a professional agent.

3. Integration

Submit an inquiry and our customer support team will match you with a professional agent.

4. Inspection

Submit an inquiry and our customer support team will match you with a professional agent.

With No.1 purchasing and order management service, you use your own supplier resources, and Larkser negotiates with your supplier to resolve any quality issues, but the final loss is borne by you or your supplier.
With No.2 Larkser one-stop sourcing & supply service, you purchase directly from Larkser’s supplier network, and Larkser guarantees product quality and compensates you in case of any quality issues.

Yes, you can. If you have multiple products to source, you can have purchasing and order management service for those you buy from your own suppliers and Larkser one-stop sourcing & supply for those you buy from Larkser’s suppliers.

We cannot disclose the supplier details under most circumstances. However, we are more than willing to assist our clients to conduct on-site factory inspections.

We have many years of experience in diffirence industries. We have accumulated more customers and orders from different countries in this industry, and we can get more support from the supply side. Compared with a single customer, my price should be more advantageous.
If it is a new field for us, we may not be able to get a better price in a short time. But fortunately, firstly, we have good ability to learn new filed quicky, and secondly, We can communicate with suppliers in real time or even face-to-face at any time in China. We believe we can get more support from the supply side.

Quality assurance comes from process control have two sets of standardized workflows as follows:

1. Standardized factory inspection list

2. Standardized inspection list

The probability of quality problems will be reduced as much as possible or the location of quality problems will be strictly controlled at the factory end to reduce the impact of quality problems

Even if the quality problem happens will deal with the after sales problem and bear all the responsibilities brought by i