Larkser Affiliates Partner Program

Introduce Larkser service to your audience and get a considerable commission for life!

What is Larkser Affiliates Partner Program?

Larkser, a leading procurement agency based in Shenzhen, China, is excited to introduce its Affiliate Partner Program aimed at business growth and expansion. We specialize in one-stop procurement services, and we are actively seeking international affiliate partners to help us broaden our reach.


Earn Commission with Larkser: How Our Affiliate Program Works
As a part of Larkser’s Affiliate Partner Program, you can earn lucrative commission rewards for every successful customer referral you bring to our procurement services. Whether you are an individual or represent a business, we provide an opportunity for additional income streams through our well-structured commission model.


Comprehensive Support for Affiliate Partners
Larkser believes in empowering its partners for mutual success. Therefore, we offer a range of support services including marketing materials, specialized training, and ongoing support to ensure you have all the resources you need to excel as an affiliate partner.

Partner Benefits

Generous Commission

$20 for each valid client plus 20% of the service fee of every order as commission

Monthly Payment

Update the commission each month and get the payment according to your request.

Partner Benefits

You can get personalized coupons for your own projects and much more.

1-1 Support

Larkser affiliate specialist will assist you step by step to achieve success.

Interested in becoming a Larkser affiliate partner?

Contact us today to explore this excellent opportunity and add value to your business growth strategies.

Larkser Affiliates Partner Program

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*We respect the personal information of each partner, and your information will be kept strictly confidential.