Larkser is your specialized procurement and supply chain partner.

We help you select the best suppliers, source the right
products, get quality control, and logistic solutions.

Ensure your products are goodquality to customers.

Access and validate supplier capabilities.

Provide Efficient And Cost Reduction And Efficiency Enhancement Solutions.

Importing goods from China,
What is the confusion of the enterprise?

Language communication?

Business culture differences?

Headache After-sales problems?

Product quality issue?

Suppliers are not to be trusted?

Could not find source supplier

Always late delivery?

Larkser Procurement Partner Solution

Our procurement solutions offer you the services of product sourcing, follow-up orders, and after-sales services. Instead of serving just as a sourcing agency, we would prefer to position ourselves as a Total Procurement Service company.

Product Sourcing

Our team will do detailed market research and sort out the overall situation of product procurement results. Including product functional characteristics requirements, production process requirements, matching target prices, sample comparison tests, and providing customer reports and comparison quotations.

Evaluate Supplier

Production Follow up

Our processes align with the organization’s business goals, thus helping them get results in a cost-effective manner.
Through careful follow-up, Larkser ensures that each production is on track.

Quality Control

Warehouse and Logistic

FREE warehouse access for 30 days to manage your inventory and save your rental fees in the most cost-effective way. We provides you with a one-stop solution to store, pack and arrange shipments. We are committed to making your business easier.

After-Sales Support

The best teams are formed when people communicate openly and with empathy. The benefits of transparency far outweigh the costs. Our job isn’t done until we provide what we promised. We help customers with spare-parts stocking, transportation arrangements, and after-sale guidance.

Our Smart Approach

Supplier Evaluation

Product sourcing

Inquiry Quotation

Sample evaluation

Evaluation Report

Background Check

Factory audit

Business visit

Capability Assessment

Production & Order Management

Contract negotiation

Confirm order details

Design Mockup service

Production follow up


Paper works

Delivery & Shipment

Pick-up LCL goods

Warehouse service

Booking & loading

Shipping Tracking

Service Support


Claim Service

Quick Conversation

After-sales Service


More Value Services

Free Warehouse Service

Company Endorsement

Payment terms support

Trading risk prevention

Shipment Freight Prepaid

Database cloud archive

Collaboration platform

Supplier Relationship

Supplier Status Survey

The Benefit By Working With Larkser

We have years of experience in the procurement industry and offer solutions for better growth, building long-term relationships, and achieving the best operational cost efficiencies.


Larkser is a partner you can trust to keep your complex IPR confidential and handle your needs with discretion, professionalism, and attention to detail.


Our team works closely with the customer and ensures the tasks are completed in an organized, efficient, and effective manner.

Data Security

We provide secure business information and data access for authorized users in a timely and efficient manner.

Process Archive

Records are kept for the appropriate amount of time with our archiving solution which, helps prevent data loss and makes data easily retrievable.

Timely Response

We provide 12 hrs a day and 6 days a week timely and efficient support system in China, Europe, the US, and the Middle East offices.

High Efficiency

We will take care of your order fulfillment and logistics, so you can focus on what really matters – growing your business.

Efficient Resource

With a full-service approach, we handle all aspects of your procurement so you can focus on more important things.

Budget Control

We approach your project holistically, and never let you settle. You’ll have confidence in the quality results you’ll receive at a time and price that fits your needs.

Long-Lasting Relationship

We focus on long-lasting relationships with our customers. We aim to make sure all the needs of our customers are met and that the relationship between us gets stronger and stronger.


We specialize in the
industries listed below

We specialize in understanding your needs and tailoring the best possible sourcing to cost ratio while helping you to create a competitive advantage in the market.
By partnering with an experienced product sourcing team, you have access to high-level expertise in every aspect of sourcing.

Our Business Associates Worldwide

“We have worked with different agencies for importing goods from China but Larkser was the first to truly partner with us. They not only extract the procurement servie, they understand the procurement and our goals to utilize the procurement.”

A two years Larkser VIP partner

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