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Larkser – The one-stop solution for over sea company sourcing needs ranging from product identification and procurement to brand distribution and marketing support services.
We are a team of highly motivated individuals who continuously thrive to innovate and provide the best solutions to our customers and that’s what makes us successful and unique.

Vision & Mission

With ever changing supply chain needs and increasing demands, it is becoming more and more difficult for organizations to go out and look for solutions from the local market themselves. Our mission is to provide a one stop solution to growing businesses and startups to meet their supply chain demands from end to end. We are experts in strategic procurement, custom product designs and their sourcing, and brand distribution in overseas markets.

With larkser commitments

Customer First

We value our customers and our passion for excellence drives us to provide you with the best possible experience.

100% Risk-Free

We will bear all the risks so you don t have to. We are your sourcing agent that assumes full responsibility for quality problems, shipping, and customs issues


At Larkser, we value honesty andintegrity and believe in building long term relationships. We guarantee that we will give you what you re promised and aim to be entirely transparent in our process.


All of your personal and business information is kept confidential, and we sign a detailed contract with the supplier to protect your intellectual property.

Due Diligence

We nurture your business with unprecedented diligence. Buying with Larkser is safe because we guarantee you ll receive exactly what you ordered.

What Makes Larkser Unique?


We treat our partners like valued business professionals with a commitment to the success of the business relationship. We offer visits to our suppliers to ensure transparency and are dedicated to working for your success.


We just found it’s so hard to lie We believe in being honest ultimately despite the circumstances. In all we do, we strive to maintain our work with integrity even when no one is watching.


Sharing is caring We have the resources to match you with a manufacturer in China. We grant you full access to our suppliers, connections, channels, and solutions.


A great team can achieve results far greater than the sum of its parts. We are a team that believes in team play. We can beat the competition with our innovative ideas and advanced technologies.


We deliver as we promise We work with you at every stage of your project to ensure risk is minimized. With our secure processes and a team of experts, we help you screen suppliers and monitor quality before shipment.

Embrace Change

Let’s welcome our success with continuous innovation. We treat any changes with a positive attitude, restructure our way of thinking, and promote our efficiency to make this change a better one for us and for our customers.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of procurement specialists, custom design experts, and problem-solvers with years of experience.The team, leading all the way from the founder to different departments, believes in not just success, but an amazing experience and a 10/10 customer service.

Aaron Tang

Managing Director

Eva Yao

Senior Partner

Vincent Chen

Supply Chain Director

Joanna Chen

Account Manager


Technical Engineer

Sophie Zhang


Jason Liao

Procurement Manager

Sam Liu

Product Designer

Thomas Liu

Technical Engineer

Jackson Liu

Product Manager

Bella Chen


Mona Su

Customer Service

Andrea Chen

Graphic designer

Andy Xu

Logistics Manager

An Operational Office Located In Shenzhen, China

We are located in Guangdong Province, South China, with convenient transportation, and are known as the World Factory because of our long manufacturing history and huge number of factories. Shenzhen is home to the world’s largest international convention and exhibition center and one of the major international exhibitions near Guangzhou called the “Canton Fair”, where businessmen come to establish new partnerships and find lucrative opportunities.

Shenzhen Operational Office


Our Address

Our office is close to Shenzhen Bao an International Airport and International Convention and Exhibition Center.
You are welcome to visit us in China. You can also send your samples to the address below if necessary:

Visit Us Daily

Room 1901 11, Phoenix Zhigu Building B, Baoan, Shenzhen,China.

Call Us 24/7

+86 135 3407 7145

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Larkser help customer succed by identifying the right solution service to meet the unique needs.

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Our Services

We provide overseas companies with procurement and trade agency services in China.

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