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Larkser is a one-stop solution for all your importing business needs, be it product procurement, product development, and strategic brand distribution.

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We empower businesses with product optimization, strategic product sourcing, brand
distribution, and marketing support to realize unprecedented growth

We provide efficient ways to identify and
procure products from China market.

Larkser is a one-stop solution for your customized product development.

We are accelerating the China brands oversea expansion.

Our Services

As excellent China procurement service, We provide efficient procurement service, competitive pricing, fast lead time, and deliver quality products to your door.

Our experts work out the storyboard of your product design and transform your idea into a tangible product. We design and rethink the solutions for cost reduction for our customers.

Larkser has years experience in working with leading Chinese brands, helping them accelerate their growth in the global market. We provide marketing and distribution programs customized to our customer’s needs.

Value-added Services

We Make Your Importing Business Easier

We serve clients at every level of their organization, like online small business, medium to large business, distributors and product development. Our clients’ needs are constantly changing, so we continually seek new and better ways to serve our clients as long-term partner.

Free Charge Sourcing

We help you sourcing products, test sample, travel to the supplier's factory for assessment and select the best-match supplier for you.

Reliable Service Support

Our account managers will provide you with exclusive one-to-one service, and promptly resolve any shipping delays, product quality issues, and after-sales support.

Flexible Logistics

We have built cooperative relationships with many logistics companies, enabling us to offer the best solutions based on different destinations and products.

Quality Assurance

We take product quality as seriously as we are buyers. When the production of the product is completed, we will check the quality to ensure that the quality defect rate is 0. And provide customers with a certain percentage of after-sales accessories for free

Payment Support

We offer growth capital to scale your business, your business may have great potential to grow, but needs capital to prepare inventory and place ads. We provide risk-free financial support for our long-term cooperative customers.

Friendly MOQ

We understand that start-up companies are reluctant to purchase a large quantity when starting a new project, and we will negotiate with suppliers to provide a friendly and acceptable minimum custom order quantity. Help customers realize the idea of custom labeling

Why Choose Larkser Service?

Define Your Needs

Before we start, our experts help you in visualizing your demand and make sure to know exactly what you need.

Quick & Efficient Response

We are easy to work with as we respond 24/7 to your queries and needs. Our support is accessible in any time zone.

Business Security

With us, your transactions will be secure and your business will be in safe hands as we respect the contract and make it efficient.

Sales Expansion

Our experts work closely with clients’ sales and marketing teams and give our insights into managing and enhancing sales.

Sustainable Growth

Our team is well versed in the latest business and growth strategies and helps our clients in achieving sustainable growth.

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Jorge C., California

Consumer Products

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Chris M., Canada

Gifts & Season Products

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Sarah N., South America

Clothing Apparel

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Daniel M., New Zealand

Home Appliances

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We have a young and talented team to serve you the Best

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Really take a look at What Say our partners

Sarah B., California

Counsumer Productrs

Peter O., California

Consumer Products

Red Sun, China

Factory Owner

Zee A., Illinois

B2B Products

Travis n., California

Fitness Products

Dave P., New Zealand

Clothing Apparel


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Here are a few FAQs we get often

We work for clients across a very broad range of industries, managing the product sourcing process for thousands of products. Honestly, we can source just about anything!

The cost is determined by the scope and requirements of your project. You can submit your information through our online contact form. We will reach out to discuss with you and then send you a free custom proposal.

We are headquartered in Shenzhen, China. You will be working with an Expert out of this office. Yes, fluent in English!

You can communicate with your expert as much or as little as you wish. We use a variety of methods, including phone, messaging and email. We literally work for you so you are always welcome to reach out.

Your Expert will send their recommendation of the top 3-5 suppliers, including a detailed analysis of the strength and weakness of each based on several factors, including cost, quality, certifications, etc. Ultimately, the decision is up to you which supplier you want to work with.

We focus on suppliers primarily in Southeast Asia, including China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

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